Beesjournal is a blog about how our world is successfully moving to use social media which affects change, and the success stories that come about of these changes. I open to discussion various topics such as Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, MySpace, and Spoink, to name a few. Since change can be rapid, I’ll focus the topics on all things social media. Perhaps most importantly, the outlet that defines rapid change are various pathways that open doors to relationships with other people. Using these pathways (and tools that create these pathways), we can expand our horizons and create a successful life. Success loosely defined means an aim or a purpose. You should have in mind your own definition of what success means to you. Whether it be monetary or just to understand another person or culture, through using social media platforms I hold the firm belief that our path to success has never been easier. Whether you use these tools for a means to an end or an end to a means is entirely up to you. The impetus must come from you. I welcome stories about people’s success and how they achieved that through the use of connecting to other people online. I’m here simply to spark the conversation which I hope you, the reader, will light on fire. Have a great holiday season!

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